Get some sugar from your matches without giving them your address

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Pinky is a promise that we'll keep your address safe
from your flings / friends / followers / fans
that want to spoil you with gifts!

The sender chooses a treat for you on our app.
You receive a link from us to enter your address
– It will be our little secret!
We’ll deliver the goods right to you!

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Swipe right on privacy

Safety is the sexiest feeling.

Pinky creates an extra layer of safety for users, especially women & LGBTQIA+, when engaging with people on dating apps & patron platforms.

How it works:

Receive A Code

Your match sends you a Pinky code through any dating or patron app's chat feature.

Claim Your Gift

You enter the code in the app with your delivery address, and select a delivery time.

Send A Gift

To create a code to share, you can select and personalize items from our partners.


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